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Sindromul printesei???

Am ras pe rupte cand am gasit pe net postarea acestui biet sot. Dupa care mi-am adus aminte ca am baiat si mi-a cam inghetat zambetul pe buze...

"My wife thinks she's a princess....what should I do?

My wife walks around all day wearing a tiara and glass slippers that she bought from the Disney catologue last year and seems to think it's funny.

She doesn't work, she doesn't cook, clean or take care of our 4 small children.

I pay for daycare even though she sits on her @$$ all day and does absolutely nothing but watch reruns of Sex In the City.

Every Wednesday and Friday she goes shopping with her friends and racks up high interest credit card debt...and even though I put money in a separate account for her to pay the balance down...she takes that money and buys ridiculous collectibles like beanie babies and those retarded Precious Memories Christmas Ornaments!

She's gotten fat and lazy and we've only been married 7 years.

How do I help her through this princess phase?

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    Your wife is suffering from A.W.P.S. (American Woman Princess Syndrome) Most American women suffer from this. It's normal and it's usually the fault of a woman's father referring to her as "princess" from the time the young girl was 3 years old to 16 years old. American women tend to feel a strong sense of entitlement after hearing their fathers say repeatedly, "Yes princess!" "Anything you want princess!" It's for this reason that many American women will pout and often act like children when they don't get their way or feel that they have been slighted. It's for these reasons that their are 2.5 million+ women in the states enjoying a happier, carefree existence using Prozac or some other anti-depressant/anxiety medication. Together with diet and exercise she should start feeling normal in no time at all.
    Best of luck to you!"

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